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Hurricane Michael Causes Major Power Outages

Hurricane Micheal made landfall as a Category 4 Hurricane. The eye of the storm hit Mexico City, Florida and continues to casue destruction and outages through adjoining states.

Diesel Blog Team | 10/11/2018 1:34:13 PM | 0 comments

Global Temporary Power Demand is Rising

A recent report features insights, opportunity analysis, and forecasts for temporary power.

Diesel Blog Team | 9/28/2018 2:48:10 PM | 0 comments

Southeast Prepares for Hurricane Florence

The Southeast prepares for hurricane Florence to make landfall with catastrophic damage.

Diesel Blog Team | 9/12/2018 12:49:32 PM | 0 comments

Mushroom Farms Rely on Generator Power

Mushroom farms grow, harvest, package and store mushrooms, and also rely on generators for backup power.

Diesel Blog Team | 8/31/2018 8:16:13 AM | 0 comments

College Campus Backup Power Requirements

College campuses from large to small require a backup power supply. This blog covers how many colleges rely on generators for emergency power.

Diesel Blog Team | 8/27/2018 1:01:05 PM | 0 comments