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For over 35 years we’ve learned the in’s and out’s of the low-hour used generator and industrial power generation equipment industry. Now we want to pass that electrifying knowledge onto you. Join us as we explore the many facets of the generator industry, news, hot topics, common problems, and everyday situations we run into while working on, buying and selling industrial and commercial generators.

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Waukesha 4.2 MW CoGen Plant Ships to Canada

Diesel Service & Supply recently shipped a large industrial 4.2 megawatt cogeneration system to Canada. This package had two 2100 kW natural gas generators and full cogentation capabilities with chillers, boilers, urea tanks and more. Read how the system works here.

Diesel Blog Team | 10/28/2019 4:30:16 PM | 0 comments

California PG&E Cuts Power to 600,000+

California PG&E shuts down power to businesses and residents in unprecedented attempt to prevent wildfire damage during high wind. As many as 2,000,000 customers could loose power. This could be repeated in coming years and also followed by other utility providers across the state.

Diesel Blog Team | 10/10/2019 1:25:37 PM | 0 comments

Report Shows Utilities Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Most of the population receives utilities such as electricity, natural gas, and water. Advancements in technology allow companies better control of these systems. The same advancements can allow intrusions by advanced hackers. Read More Here!!

Diesel Blog Team | 10/1/2019 1:42:27 PM | 0 comments

Hurricane Dorian Makes Landfall in Carolinas Causing Flooding & Outages

Hurricane Dorian was the first of the season to affect the United States. The storm devastated some of the islands of the Bahamas. Florida and the Carolinas braced for a major storm.

Diesel Blog Team | 9/1/2019 5:32:56 PM | 0 comments

Preparing for Power Outages

It can be months or years, depending on location, before utility power fails. Industry and residential sectors that are prepared suffer less during these outages. Read More Here!

Diesel Blog Team | 8/27/2019 9:51:52 AM | 0 comments