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Kohler.jpgKohler has a long and successful history of delivering reliable backup power solutions to companies of all sizes around the world. Dedicated to reliability, innovative solutions, and continuous advancements, Kohler is a top name in the world of power generation. Kohler generators have been successfully and reliably providing backup power to businesses since 1920, and the company continues to push forward in terms of innovation and advanced power generator options.

When you purchase a Kohler diesel backup power generator or genset you know you are getting a product you can trust. The Kohler brand is equivalent to the word 'confidence.' Kohler Power Systems diesel generators are built for businesses of all sizes. With Kohler, when the lights go out for any reason, the power stays on and businesses can continue to operate without pause.

It's extremely rare to find a business that can function without power. The loss of power - even if for a short period of time - can result in significant financial loss and extreme inconvenience.  Kohler power generators are built to meet power needs, even for the most difficult power-loss challenges. Therefore, hospitals, shopping malls, nursing homes, manufacturing plants, office buildings, and all other types of businesses and organizations can rely on the Kohler brand.

Kohler2.jpgNot only are Kohler generators reliable, but the company is also constantly developing new and innovative products that are engineered to supply necessary power to keep your business running - no matter your industry or your requirements - with maximum flexibility and fuel efficiency.

Kohler generators are available in several configurations. With more than 60 models that range from 8.5 to 3250 kW, there are many choices designed to meet the specific requirements of any type of business. With configurable capabilities, Kohler generator sets typically provide voltage recovery that can rapidly restore critical power to keep facilities of any size functional and operational when a power outage strikes.

Kohler power generators are made with top-of-the line components and are built to withstand the test of time. Also well known for manufacturing plumbing fixtures, Kohler Power Systems has been in existence for more than 90 years. According to Kohler, 'Though it may seem a long step between electric plants and plumbing fixtures... they are similar in that they both administer the comfort, health and well-being of people.'

When it comes to affordable power solutions, Kohler is a global force. The company offers a wide range of generators and generator sets that meet the required standby and emergency power needs of commercial and industrial businesses in all industries.

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