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Agricultural Industry

AgriculturalIndustry.jpgThe agriculture industry in the United States is vast and includes more than 2 million farms that span across the country and cover close to 100 million acres of farm land. The agricultural industry is so large that more than 21 million American workers (15 percent of the total U.S. workforce) produce, process and sell the nation’s food and fiber, and nearly one in three farms is planted for export. With so many people involved in the production, distribution and export of food, and the worldwide reliance on safe and robust food production, the need for a reliable and dependable source of power for every aspect of the agricultural industry is paramount.

The world counts on the United States' ability to produce food. Any type of power outage, no matter how short, can place crops and farm animals at risk. Without a steady source of power, the agricultural industry would not function efficiently or reliably - not to mention the disastrous economic impact to a farm that loses power for a significant period of time.

All farms and all other affiliates of the agricultural industry need a reliable source of backup power in place so that power outages do not cause catastrophic consequences. Dependable diesel power generators are vital to the success of the agricultural industry. When there are interruptions in power, especially in rural settings where many farms are located, power restoration can be prolonged. Standby and backup power in the form of a diesel generator set is necessary to keep the agricultural industry in the United States running smoothly, safely and efficiently. 

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